Friday, December 14, 2012

Pastel Summer

 When I hear the word "summer" the first thing that comes to mind are summer dresses! Can you blame me? I love dressing up. It makes me wanna go to the beach or stroll with my friends in big hats and sunglasses...
 But since I'm just fantasizing, I simply embodied the summer spirit though we're still in the middle of the Christmas season. For this look, I matched a ridiculously cute summer dress from ValleyGirl with my HerBench white and blue slip-on rubber shoes.. this is to add a bit of boyish charm to my outfit.
To add a bit of contrast to the pastel colors of my dress, I added a brown belt with a matching leather bag. This is my way of being cutesy if I feel like one. :) After all, my choice of outfits ultimately depends on my mood.

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