Friday, December 14, 2012

Edgy Black & White

 So for this outfit, I paired an Angel Biba white dress with black leather boots and accessories. With this "edgy" ensemble, it's somehow sexy in a sophisticated way. I know I'm not that voluptuous, but this dress definitely showed even my slightest curves! haha :)
 I recommend dresses that hug the body in the right places to petite girls like me.. Of course, you also have to consider the length. This outfit's length is just inches above the knee, and makes the illusion of a tall frame and at the same time, it's not too short for that classy look,otherwise it would look trashy.
I really love the diagonal black lines of this dress. It totally fits me because it formed the letter "V" for my surname! :) [okay, that was a forced connection]   It's not overdone with accessories, you just have to pair it with black accents for that "matchy" simplicity.
By the way , this Angel Biba dress is a brand from Australia; I'm also wearing Yalida wedge boots, and a black leather Guess satchel.

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